Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Beating The Tax Man, Legally: Ways To Save On Taxes

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Taxes are a tricky topic to tackle. Whenever small businesses get their mail from the IRS, the numbers can leave them dumbfounded. Since that money is being used for the smooth running and betterment of the country, then one can be sure that there is no getting out of this one. Taxes may be unavoidable, but there are ways to save money despite those deductibles. The best part about this is that they are completely legal. All that one needs is adequate tax planning knowledge for the entire year.

First and foremost, if employees are getting a big tax refund in the current year, then it only means that too much tax is being taken out of their paycheck every month. What the taxpayer should do is to file a new W-4 form with his employer so that he will be able to get more money out of their earnings.

Another classic method to lower the tax bill is to reduce the taxable income. One can do this by increasing their retirement savings; so, everyone should get a 401(k) and contribute more to it. There isn’t any loss because that money will be returned several folds once the employee retires.

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Apparently, starting a business also translates to an improvement of one’s tax situation. This is because entrepreneurs have a higher degree of freedom when it comes to tax payments. They have the option of keeping more money in their company instead of declaring them as income. Furthermore, they can count certain costs as expenses as well. In many cases, donating to or building charities can also lower the levies.

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The Need For Tax Audit Representation

An individual or organization’s accounts and financial information can be audited by the IRS to make sure not only that the information they have submitted are in accordance with tax laws but also to verify if the correct amount of taxes has been filed.

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Those who undergo tax audit are typically randomly selected using a statistical formula. The selected taxpayer has its returns compared to “norms” developed based on random sample of similar returns and through a computer. Those whose returns vary significantly from the norm are more likely to be audited.

The IRS may also audit other businesses or investors who have had issues or transactions with the selected returns.

The IRS will initially contact the auditee by mail (never by telephone), and will subsequently manage the auditing process by mail or through a face-to-face interview at an IRS office, the taxpayer’s home or business location, or in an accountant’s office.

One of the rights provided by the IRS to the taxpayers is the right to representation, by oneself or an authorized representative.

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The latter is the better alternative as tax laws are subject to interpretation, which means there is no such thing as a perfectly accurate tax return. IRS auditors could also attempt to expand the scope of the audit. Coordinating with seasoned tax representation firms or professionals can help taxpayers handle tax audits in the best way possible.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Resolving IRS wage garnishment

Whenever a taxpayer owes back taxes to the IRS, the agency has the power to levy or seize properties, including the delinquent’s weekly wages. Unfortunately, wage garnishment can cause even more trouble for the taxpayer as it can financially cripple him even more.

The occurrence of wage garnishment is common, with a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 75 percent of the paycheck being seized by the IRS. Even if the amount taken is at a lower percentage, individuals and families can still be affected greatly. Aside from the monetary hardship it results to, employers are also notified, which can be detrimental to one’s profession and can even cost some people their job.

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It is important then to understand the IRS procedures before they are authorized to apply wage garnishment.

After assessment of tax liabilities, the IRS sends a notice and “Demand for Payment” letter to the taxpayer. If he is unable to pay the amount due, he will be issued the “Final Notice of Intent to Levy” and “Notice of your Right to a Hearing” documents. The taxpayer will then have 30 days to contact the IRS and resolve the problem.

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The implementation of wage garnishment can be appealed and suspended with the help of tax professionals. Aside from the temporary suspension of the levy of wages, workable solutions can also be created, including installment plans and settlement offers. These can help the individual get back on track to a sustainable income.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Secure Finances By Avoiding These Three Common Tax Mistakes

Filing taxes these days has been easier thanks to a variety of tax assistance software. Even if these applications make the task less time-consuming, a taxpayer should check and double-check all the forms for accuracy. A simple mistake on a tax form could cost the taxpayer or prevent him from receiving refunds.

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1. Using the wrong IRS form.

There are many types of IRS forms. Taxpayers must know which one to use that is according to his or her status to prevent deductions and delays in filing.

2. Undeclared additional income.

Another problem could arise from failing to report income that is not a part of the W-2 or 1099 reports. Examples of these are rental income and self-employment income, which have corresponding taxes. Taxpayers should remember that additional earnings mean additional taxes and filing work to prevent penalties.

3. Writing the wrong social security numbers and names.

The taxpayer often overlooks misspelled names and missing numbers, the most important details in the form. Social Security numbers and names of spouses, dependents, and children must be properly listed to qualify taxpayers for incentives such as child tax credit and earned income credit. Cases that involve refunds credited to a different person due to a wrong Social Security number have been known to exist.

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When all the details have been sorted out and prepared for submission, taxpayers must never forget to date and sign their returns. The IRS rejects unsigned tax returns even when it’s a joint account or an e-filed return. Prevent delays by checking and double-checking all the details beforehand. Once everything on the list is final, date, sign, and submit.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Irs Announces New Procedure For Ira Rollovers

A new procedure for IRA rollovers has recently been introduced by the IRS to ease the penalty for taxpayers who fail to meet the time limit. As stated in the Revenue Procedure 2016-47, here are 11 mitigating circumstances when a waiver of the 60-day limit would apply: 

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  1. An error was committed by the financial institution making the distribution or receiving the contribution. 
  2. The distribution was in the form of a check and the check was misplaced and never cashed. 
  3. The distribution was deposited into and remained in an account that I mistakenly thought was a retirement plan or IRA. 
  4. Principal residence was severely damaged.
  5. One of the family members died.
  6.  The taxpayer or one of his family members got seriously ill. 
  7. The taxpayer was incarcerated.  
  8. Restrictions were imposed by a foreign country. 
  9. A postal error occurred.  
  10. The distribution was made on account of an IRS levy and the proceeds of the levy have been returned to me.
  11. The party making the distribution delayed providing information that the receiving plan or IRA required to complete the rollover despite my reasonable efforts to obtain the information.
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The IRS also included a ‘sample self-certification letter’ that can be used to notify the administrator or trustee about their situation. Previously, taxpayers who received a rollover from their retirement plan had 60 days to deposit the money into another employer’s retirement plan or into an IRA. Failing to meet the time limit would make the entire distribution a taxable income, as the IRS will assume that the money was used. They can apply for a change of ruling by sending a private letter to the IRS. 

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tax Smarts: Avoiding Tax Troubles

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A basic understanding of taxes is the best way to avoid problems with the IRS. With careful consideration and planning, one can avoid stressful and costly tax troubles.

Citizens have the obligation to pay taxes accurately and punctually. Careless miscalculations and computation errors will also be subject to IRS scrutiny. Any discrepancy in an individual’s tax return can incur penalties. Moreover, erroneous entries can also reduce an individual’s tax refunds.

There are tax software programs that could detect and minimize errors in tax returns. However, it is still the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure that his or her initial numbers are accurate and that names match the tax identification number the Social Security Administration has on record.

Compared to employees of private and public companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers have the sole responsibility of filing and paying their taxes. Consequently, self-employed individuals are the ones who often encounter IRS-related problems. Paying the accurate amount on time is again the best way to avoid penalties and fees. If necessary, it is best to hire a tax expert or a financial counselor who can provide guidance in avoiding costly tax problems.

The IRS also advises self-employed individuals to create an accurate and effective record keeping system and to gain assistance from the agency by subscribing to notifications or correspondence. It is also best to resolve any discrepancies immediately to prevent more serious tax-related problems with the IRS.

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Filing and paying taxes can be an overwhelming and laborious process. However, being unable to pay taxes in full and on time is inexcusable and come with consequences. It is imperative for every taxpayer to understand the basics of taxes and be responsible for his or her clean IRS record.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

How Can Divorcees Avoid Tax Problems?

A divorce can be a long, drawn-out process that requires legal and personal settlement from both parties. After a marriage has ended, other concerns must be taken into account such as the filing of taxes. To avoid an IRS audit, divorcees must take the time to look into this aspect.

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Some legal counselors suggest that couples filing for divorce must take into account child support claims, the splitting of assets, and payment of liabilities. The help of a divorce mediator or a legal counselor may be needed especially if the couple could no longer see eye-to-eye. In these settlements, the benefits and the payments should be made fair and square as much as possible.

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After the change of status, an individual must be ready with supporting documents that prove the marriage’s dissolution. Having a copy of the divorce decree might make matters easier. However, considering the person as single or married depends on the time when the divorce was finalized. For example, if a divorce settlement has been finalized on December of the current year, the divorcee is now considered single for the succeeding months. The individual may now file as an individual or as head of household.

If a divorce is still being processed, the two parties may still need to file as a married person filing jointly or as a married person filing separately. As long as the decree hasn’t been released, the law considers these two individuals to be still married. At this point, it is also necessary to settle the taxability of alimony, child support, property and retirement transfers. The help of reliable tax lawyers is necessary to iron these details out.

It is safe to cover all bases with regards to taxes to avoid tax problems after a divorce. This is also to ensure that the two parties will be free from unnecessary obligations to the other after the split.

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